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Together as beings we will stand
Against powers we won't bend

To those who want to divide
We'll say we won't abide

As our freedoms we conquer
We must hold tight to one another

We must look through each others eyes
For this is the only way to rise

May our souls finally touch
For a new world where In Us We Trust

Nov 27, 2022
#poetry #poems #writing #revolution #protest #freedom

Within the depth of the night
Your spirit in limbos
Your heart, so big and kind,
Decided to let go.


Across the path
A fallen tree
Or is it a branch


World shuttered
       Mind shattered

                 on the edge


This is something I wrote after watching Body and Soul, choreographed by Crystal Pite (one of my favourite choreographers of all times) for the Paris Opera Ballet. A flow of words came to me, raw and underwhelming compared to this mind-blowing work.


​Une nouvelle écrite en 2007, et retravaillée en 2021. Toute ressemblance avec une situation récente serait donc purement fortuite.

Mais il est certain que cette situation m'a poussée à retourner sur cette nouvelle, que je voyais soudain sous un nouveau jour. Je n'ai cependant pas retravaillé le fond à la lueur de la pandémie, uniquement la forme.

Et donc la voici.


At dusk by the pond

Wispy waves of quacks. Echo

Chamber of a cloud

#Poems #short #haiku

A birds symphony

Masking the chaos. Morning

Promises of Spring

#Poems #Haiku #Sundaymorning

Swallowed by wet sand

All my steps disappearing

Low tide wanderings

#poems #haiku #english #ocean

“The Monarchs are late.”

All the conversations around the table suddenly stopped. Fifteen pairs of eyes turned, like one of those perfectly synchronized flocks of birds, staring at my great-grand-mother. Nobody had heard my Bila's voice in almost three years. Since her beloved husband had died. We all thought her mind had left with him, her shell patiently waiting for the end.


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