Daily Haiku prompt Mar 31-Apr 9, 2024

Haiku series #8
I write one haiku per day from prompts.
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Mar 31, 2024 – wild rose
Cultivated fields
Of same words of love. Roses
Should be wild and free

Apr 1, 2024 – silk worm
A working army
Hanging by a thread. Spinning
Silky smooth softness

Apr 2, 2024 – appetite
Leaving me yearning
Inspiration escapes me
The words sometimes hide

Apr 3, 2024 – butterfly
Little flutter-by
In a weightless flight. Mirror
Of your eyes that night

Apr 4, 2024 – field
Like candles at dusk
Ethereal fairies spark
Fields of silent lights

Apr 5, 2024 – new moon
Hiding in plain sight
Revealed by the sun eclipsed
Divine unity

Apr 6, 2024 – Spring breeze
Swithering Spring breeze
Trail of broken promises
Winter perseveres

Apr 7, 2024 – mustard flower
Spicing up my day
Fields the colour of the sun
A feast for my eyes

Apr 8, 2024 – high tide
High up the beach swash
Washing away all traces
A new beginning

Apr 9, 2024 – sowing + arrow
Piercing through the wind
Words like an arrow, in me
The seed of doubt sow

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