Daily Haiku prompt Mar 21-30, 2024

Haiku series #7
I write one haiku per day from prompts.
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Mar 21, 2024 – new buds
Dormant potential
Setting things in motion. New
Emergence of Life

Mar 22, 2024 – bliss + Spring grass
The sun a soft touch
Mossy grass brushing my toes
Time suspended... Sigh...

Mar 23, 2024 – sprouts
Out of its shell
What it will be still unknown
Mysterious wonders

Mar 24, 2024 – Spring sky
Sun between the hail
dances through the clouds, timid
Waltz of the Spring sky

Mar 25, 2024 – low tide
The receding line,
just for a moment, unveils
the whole world below

Mar 26, 2024 – reading
I can read your eyes
Though your lips say otherwise
Partial soul eclipse

Mar 27, 2024 – frogs
Just one skillful jump
Onto its lily pad stage
Frog sings to the night

Mar 28, 2024 – long day
That was a long day
Come on it's not over. Now
Dance the night away

Mar 29, 2024 – thunder
Dark clouds electric
In bright light heavens roar. Hear
its thunderous gist

Mar 30, 2024 – trickle
The once gushing creek
Sadly trickles down the hill
Leaving only tears

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