Daily Haiku prompt Apr 20-29, 2024

Haiku series #10
I write one haiku per day from prompts.
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Apr 20, 2024 – Lake
Light gliding shadows
Underneath the jade waters
A wave. An echo

Apr 21, 2024 – clouds
Cottony shapes shift
Ready to break and escape
Clouds are running free

Apr 22, 2024 – Spring mist
Early Spring morning
The sun still shy hides behind
Light translucent mist

Apr 23, 2024 – birth
Cloud of gas and dust
Collapsed and spun wild. Then us
All children of light

Apr 24, 2024 – bloom
In their blooming youth
Wrought but strong-headed, those teens
Will yield fresh thinking

Apr 25, 2024 – beach
A vague memory
Bodies laying in the sand
Warm and soft embrace

Apr 26, 2024 – mountain
Sinuous journey
Up the mountain path. Summit
Hidden in the clouds

Apr 27, 2024 – fire
Consuming the sky
The last touch of light. Burning
From the world inside

Apr 28, 2024 – seedlings
The little green dots
Sprouting out of the ground. Life
All over again

Apr 29, 2024 – rising carp
Entering their dance
Koi rise up and thrash. Breaking
The silence of dawn

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